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It is an unfortunate fact that the majority of initial applications for Social Security disability benefits are denied. Many people try to fight the process themselves, only to learn that the cards are stacked against them. The hard work and level of detail necessary to gather the information and submit it properly is so frustrating that many people eventually give up.

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At the Grand Rapids, Michigan, law firm of DeHaan & Symko, P.C., we don’t give up. Our attorneys have more than fifty combined years of legal experience successfully handling first-time SSD claims and appeals. We handle every part of the process for you. From reviewing your case, gathering medical information, and preparing documents, to accompanying you to the hearing, we are right there for you.

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We know what it takes to file a successful claim. The key to a successful claim is making sure that every detail is taken into consideration before filing an initial claim. Taking a little extra time up front will prevent major delays if your claim is rejected. There are a few basic things that every experienced Social Security lawyer knows. First, most people are under the mistaken impression that “disability” means the same thing as “unable to work.” The fact is, depending on your situation, you can work and still qualify for Social Security disability benefits. Our attorneys can explain what is involved and what steps you need to take to document your disability.

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In addition, although you may have been denied Social Security disability income benefits on your initial application, a process exists that allows you to challenge your denial. For any SSDI hearing, having a lawyer represent you is essential. If your appeal requires a hearing before an administrative law judge, points of law and other technical issues may arise. You must defend your rights within what the law allows.

For any SSD hearing, having a lawyer represent you is a key factor for success. Your appeal may require a hearing before an administrative law judge, where you will be expected to argue points of law and other technical issues. Your attorney will defend your rights based on medical records, documents prepared to prove your disability, and the law.

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Our firm ties SSD, workers’ compensation, and personal injury litigation together to help our clients receive the maximum amount of money damages from as many sources as possible. Through successful claims and lawsuit settlements with insured third parties, we have successfully recovered literally millions of dollars for people over the years. We know what it takes to win these kinds of cases.

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