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After being injured on the job, don’t expect workers’ compensation benefits to be approved right away. It can take several months for a successful claim to go through the system. The skilled Grand Rapids, Michigan, workers’ compensation attorneys of DeHaan & Symko, P.C., are ready to start processing your workers’ compensation claim immediately. We handle everything about your claim, from gathering accident reports to collecting medical records and properly submitting the forms. We do all of the legwork, while you recover your health.

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We are proud to be local attorneys, born and raised in West Michigan

Our Michigan workers’ comp lawyers have more than fifty combined years of workers’ compensation experience. Our firm understands workers’ compensation law regarding lost wages, benefits, and the level of disability required to receive payments.

We Put the Law on Your Side

Many employers will fight hard against your claim. We fight back with the law on our side. Our experience has prepared us well for successfully handling workers’ compensation claims. While it is true that you can file for workers’ compensation without an attorney, your chances for success are much greater if you hire a lawyer to prepare your petition. We have found that when an employer’s insurer sees you have retained legal counsel, they know you are prepared to do what it takes to get the benefits you are entitled to.

Third-party liability

In many workers’ compensation claims, there may also be a third party who is liable for your injuries. Your accident may have been the result of a defective product, negligent supervision, or an unsafe working environment. We are an experienced personal injury law firm that knows how to investigate and present a case to help you receive more than just workers’ compensation benefits.

Social Security Disability Insurance benefits

If your workplace accident resulted in a short-term or long-term disability, we can also help you file a successful SSDI claim. By integrating our practice areas of personal injury, workers’ compensation, and SSDI, we are often able to help our clients get the maximum amount of money from every available avenue.

We help you with every part of the workers’ compensation process:

  • Initial workers’ compensation claims
  • Workers’ compensation appeals
  • Medical denial of disability
  • Lost wages and benefits
  • Insurance benefits
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