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Steps after an Accident

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What to Do After an Injury in Michigan

An injury is something that most folks expect to prevent in their own life. Sadly, data suggest that more than 35% of all adults will get involved in an injury of some sort by the time they’re thirty years old.

Following an injury on the road, on the job or any other place, there are some things you can do to instantly protect your best interests and yourself. Contact the personal injury law, handicap, and workers’ compensation law firm of DeHaan & Symko, P.C., to learn more about our verdicts and settlements in personal injury cases and how we can help you recover money damages you may be entitled to.

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Speak just to the authorities: Promptly after an injury, emotions may be at a summit. Do not say a word to anybody but the authorities. Don’t speak to law enforcement while passengers or the other driver involved can overhear what you’re saying. Follow cops directions exactly. Remember, everything you do or say at the scene of the injury may be used in a civil suit against you.

Get clinical treatment: Don’t drop any medical treatment that could be offered to you at the scene by an authorized medical professional. Make notes and a cautious observation of all medical treatment you receive and follow your physician’s directions just.

Let the professionals do their job: Unless you’re a licensed medical professional, don’t try to provide clinical treatment to anybody injured at the scene. Contact the authorities by calling 911. Stay out of the manner of authorities managing the matters of the injury.

Have your insurance information prepared for the authorities: The other motorist may want to have to instantly trade insurance info. Unless it’s a parking lot fender bender, don’t trade insurance information with the other motorist. It’s not required to present your insurance advice to anybody but the authorities.

Invoke your right to an attorney: If the authorities are charging you with a misdemeanor at the scene or at the police station, invoke your right to an attorney promptly. It’s going to be important to have a lawyer shielding your rights, even if it’s just a traffic infraction.

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Contact an experienced personal injury attorney : Even if you believe you’re not injured, or believe you may have been partly responsible, it pays to discuss your mishap with a personal injury attorney. There in many cases are paths for cash damages and insurance benefits which are not easily evident at the scene.