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After being hit by a vehicle while walking or riding a motorcycle immediately get checked out by a physician. No matter what physical state you’re in or how strong you’re, your body wasn’t meant to handle an impact with a multi-ton vehicle.

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Following a medical examination and treatment, the first steps you take after an accident should be to contact an experienced personal injury attorney who has an indepth knowledge of laws in jurisdictions throughout West Michigan. DeHaan & Symko, P.C., is prepared to start fighting to help you and your family recover money damages after being involved in a pedestrian or motorcycle harm. As your attorneys, we quickly commence the process for ensuring financial recovery for your injuries. We recognize that mortgages and other statements must be paid.

We fight vigorously for a whole and realistic settlement or jury prize

Our primary concern is helping you get the maximum benefits and keep your standard of living. Most of the time, it may call for sending a demand letter for a fair and complete resolution. If a negotiated resolution becomes critical, we’ll also use expertise and skill to pursue an arrangement that covers all your losses. In the uncommon case when a jury trial is the only resolution that’s reasonable, you can rely on our fifty combined years of litigation expertise to enable you to get !

You might be qualified to recover damages for up to three years of replacing services in any accident involving a vehicle, up to three years of wage losses, and life medical expenses related to the harm. DeHaan & Symko, P.C., can help you get back on your feet, medically and economically, as soon as possible.

We provide experienced personal injury and wrongful death representation for people suffering injuries in pedestrian and bike mishaps:

  • Crosswalk accidents
  • Parking lot mishaps
  • Hit and run
  • Uninsured motorist and underinsured motorists

Social Security Disability Insurance and Workers’ Compensation

We’re more than just a personal injury law firm. We include personal injury, SSDI, and Michigan workers’ damages claims practice to help people recover the maximum sum of cash from insurance sources that are reachable. If you were injured by a commercial vehicle while working at work, we can help you to file a successful workers’ damages claim. If your pedestrian or motorcycle accident injury resulted in long term or long-term disability, you’re frequently eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits.

You concentrate on your health and healing. We’ll handle everything to let you fight for the maximum cash damages and benefits you might have the right to.

Confrontation makes a tremendous difference

We encourage you to learn more about the finest means to protect yourself from an injury. If you’d like added information if you, or about the advantages of hiring a local Grand Rapids personal injury lawyer ‘ve got questions regarding your pedestrian or motorcycle accident claim, please schedule a free private consultation with one of our attorneys. In discussions, and in the court, meeting DOES matter.